Rental Display Counters for Tradeshows & Events

Display counters help exhibitors provide reception, store materials and present merchandise and products at tradeshows and events. The Exhibitors' Handbook offers a wide range of styles of rental display counters – from lightweight Formulate® tension fabric counters to robust Hybrid Pro™ Modular wood counters that lock. Rental counters can be clad with graphics making sure that your brand and message is first and foremost. Speed is a benefit to renting. Structure frameworks are pre-built so the only time investment is in the design and printing of your graphics. See the array of rental counters we have to offer!

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Hybrid Pro Modular Counter 12

Hybrid Pro™ Modular Counter 12 is a stylish counter solution for any exhibit, featuring accessible storage with locking doors, choice of opaque or backlit push-fit fabric graphics and top laminated accent panel cover. Add the finishing touch to any exhibit or environment with the Hybrid Pro Modular Counter 12.

Price starting at: $2,838.33

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