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Code 3 20x40 Island

About This Project
This exhibit highlights the potential impact graphics have on making an exhibit memorable to passersby. The overall structural design of this exhibit is relatively simple and includes four product kiosks that support a rectangular perimeter fabric graphic structure, elevated above the booth space. Curved fabric structures accent the kiosks and reinforce branding at the eye-level. This exhibit also features a circular fabric hanging sign, built-in lighting and illuminated lightboxes mirroring each other in the center of the space.
Project Details
Client Code 3
Design # 111118V6
Display Size 20' x 40' Island
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Additional Information
Exhibit Elements Kiosks & Display Cases, Fabric Structure, Hanging Sign, Backlit Elements
Construction Method Wood Construction, Modular Panels, Truss
Approximate Shipping Weight 2836 lbs
Reconfigurable Yes
Rigging Required Yes